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The title of this blog draws from my time as an apprentice at the Cob Cottage Company in costal Oregon. If you spend time with natural building folk, you'll eventually find yourself around a fire, sing silly songs about cob and natural building. Folks usually refer to these oftentimes improvised tunes as "cobsongs". I often sang..."There is a house in old coquille, they call the rising earth, it's been the work of many hands, and you know what that's worth..."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cob Workshop June 2012

Greg and I are hosting a 7-day cob workshop in Durham, NC this June. We will be leading participants in the construction of a cob building and garden wall in the backyard of the house we're currently building. We will build with cob, strawbales, earthen and lime plasters, and do some carpentry as well. The workshop is aimed at folks who want to build their own small cottage or outbuilding with cob and/or strawbales. No previous building experience is necessary, building with cob is a very intuitive process and you will be confident using the materials after spending week building with us.

you can find a full description of the workshop at cob workshops and on the Natural Building Network's event calendar. While you're at it, check out Danielle's blog, earthen acres. She took our cob workshop in 2009 and went on to build her own home the next year!

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